How long will it take me to see a return on my investment or break even?

The financial benefits of going solar are now well documented. Solar panel systems
actually function as investments with strong rates of return, and homeowners generating
solar electricity can avoid paying increased utility rates by eliminating their electricity bills.
Multiple studies show that installing solar panels on your home can even increase your
property’s value! If you’re reviewing multiple quotes, there are plenty of metrics that can
help you make a decision about which solar option is best for you, but most solar shoppers
rely on one metric in particular: the solar panel payback period or break-even point.
What’s the average payback period for solar panels?
The solar panel payback period is a calculation that estimates how long it will take for you
to “break even” on your solar energy investment. Increased utility electricity rates and
lower equipment costs are making it easier and less expensive for homeowners to own,
rather than lease, their solar panel systems. Comparing the payback period of various
quotes from solar installers is an easy way to comprehend the financial merits of each
option, and identify the point in time at which your solar investment will start to earn you
money. To find the payback period in years for your solar panel system, simply divide the
cost of installing your system by the annual amount you will save.
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