Can you build your own solar panels ?

Solar panels have increased drastically in popularity, as more
people want to self-sustain their household with the electricity
demands. To make solar panels more affordable for everyone in the
India, the government has set up incentives like solar panel grants.
Even so, investing in solar panels can still be a considerable
investment which some are not prepared to make. So what else is
there to do? Build it yourself of course.
To get straight to the point, yes, you can build your own solar
panels, or at least partially, depending on the craftsmanship of each
person. The process DIY includes sizing the solar panel system,
choosing which components suits your needs, mounting and
installing the solar panels, the solar inverter and safety disconnects.
Even if you do not fully install the solar panels, the more that is
done, the less expensive it would be to hire a certified technician.
Installing Electrical System
Circuitry can be the tricky part of installing solar panels on your
own, but with minimum knowledge about wiring, this can be
achieved by anyone. Of course if you do not feel confident to do this
part on your own, it would be best to hire a certified electrician to do
the wiring and metering into your house.
How to Establish the Perfect Solar System Size
When setting on a solar system, the proportions of the household
as well as the electricity needs have to be taken into consideration.
Generally, larger households tend to require more energy to power
them and the appliances. The most common solar system size for
households in the India is the 4kW system, which can
accommodate a modest sized house.
Installing a Grid Tie Solar System
You can install a grid tie solar system if your household is already
plugged into utility power. Grid tie systems are easier to install than
off grid and can easily be expanded, depending on each house’s
needs. It is recommended to have an electrician or licensed
contractor do the final wiring hook up.
Installing an Off Grid Solar System
Installation of off grid solar systems is suitable for individuals who
would like to be self-dependent on energy. It is highly recommended
to hire a certified technician when installing off grid solar systems.
Certain government incentives apply when doing so, which can
save a considerable amount of money on the purchasing and
installation of solar panels.
Difficulties in DIY Solar Panels
The main obstacle to building solar panels is acquiring solar cells at
a reasonable price. New solar cells are very expensive to purchase,
and can even be hard to find in larger quantity at any price. Second
hand solar cells are available on the internet and other places at a
fraction of the cost of new perfect cells. However these second rate
solar cells could be in poor condition which could significantly
reduce the panel efficiency.
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