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Anand Capital is a joint venture started by Mr. Krishn Anand and his brothers more than a decade ago, solely for the development of the technology in such a way that it benefits human society by minimising the gap of understanding in terms of technology

Anand Capital is divested in four ventures. Delhi United Football Club, Light Logics , Anand Energy and Digi Neo. All of these ventures are directly related to technology and sports.

Mr. Krishn Anand is the Managing Director of the holding Company Anand Capitals. Being an aspiring athlete and successful business owner, Mr. Krishn Anand has been a person with a mindset of providing better opportunities in world by improving technology and creating diversification. Being a philanthropist , Mr Krishn Anand takes his moral responsibilities very seriously. Being a visionary, he ensures that he has vested himself in every possible venture which can make the world better. 

In a country where cricket is a dominant sport, football is somehow ignored a lot. The mindset of Mr Krishn Anand is to make sure that every sport gets equal opportunity. Football is the game of energy. Delhi united Club represents this change in the mindset of youth regarding the prospect of strategic games and football is one of the most popular games in entire world. Mr.Krishn Anand is himself an athlete and appreciates games which require strategic thinking and stamina. Started in the year of 1995 with the help of one of the most renowned medicine Specialist , Dr. Sandeep Kumar & philanthropist Mr. Krishn Anand , Delhi United Football club has been participating in I-league and have further plans to join ISL as well

In Light Logic holography is used in such that it can be used for security purposes. Light logics is an entirely technology based venture which provides best of the best services for security of important documents , to make sure that they can not be forged at all.

Yes. To make sure that there is minimum carbon print left on the planet earth, Anand energy has been deeply vested in solar energy plants. Just to rectify the current situation of lack of electricity in different corners of the World. Mr. Krishn Anand has come up with solar solutions designed to help every corner of the world.

Looking forward to a complete digital transformation of the entire world , Digi Neo is a venture started by Mr. Krishna Anand for the sake of revolutionising entire e commerce and digital section of the world. Digi Neo deals in website development and application development market, designing custom solutions for each and every other vpossible venture available. Having more than 15 years of experience

Of Course, if you have the same match of vision with Anand Capital and you think your idea is different, feel free to get in touch. For more information click on contact us and follow the steps.