Delhi United Football Club – A football club with absolute energy

Are you a football fan and support Indian football team as well but don’t know what to do with
local team of your state ? Here we at Delhi United football cup all eager to solve your problem.
Delhi United football club is run by open of the most prestigious medicine genius in the history of
Indian Football, Dr. Sandeep Kumar.
Having a history with Indian National team as a medicine specialist since 2008 , Dr. Sandeep
Kumar has a very vast knowledge of football. He has seen the optimisation of under 17 national
team of India and has been responsible for keeping players fit and fine along the line. Without any
hesitation this Duo of a visionary and a football genius is looking forward to take the club at new
heights. Currently playing in I- League, which is one of the prestigious league of India, Delhi
United Football Club is targeting ISL as well.
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