Anand Capital: A high rising company gliding over new technology

Anand capital is a business holding company started by Anand Brothers. Jointly started by Mr.
Ram Anand , Mr. Prem Anand And Mr. Krishn Anand , Anand capital is mainly focussed on
working on projects which actually create an opportunity to look at current things differently. Here
differently indicates to a new vision and angle to the current set of problems which human society
is facing. Whether it is security, sport, information technology , aviation, any other field out of
more than ten thousand verticals, Anand Capitals has got their roots.
Managing director of Anand Capital, Mr. Krishn Anand himself being a philanthropist visionary
behind the entire project, has a very successful image himself in the industry. Famous for his
athleticism and vision, he clearly delivers by investing in an upcoming sport football and in
different technology options through Anand Capital. Meanwhile he has been looking out for the
betterment of the society by getting involved in technologies which fill in the gap for technical
abilities between the human race and technology.

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