Holographic Optical Elements & Their influence in futuristic holography security products

Holographic optical elements (HOEs) are holograms that duplicate the performance of optical components, such as lenses. In this application, a hologram is used to transform the properties of a wavefront, just as some other optical component would. A holographic recording of a component like a lens will have the same optical properties as the component. It will focus light in the same way that the lens would.

Security holograms are designed to combat counterfeiting. Their unique optical properties to diffract light and create virtual 3D effects are impossible to copy using a scanner or photocopier.
Holograms are a deterrent to counterfeiters. Because holograms require specialized equipment and technology to make, counterfeiters tend to avoid products which are protected by holograms.

Holograms are used on a wide variety of projects where security needs range from low to high security. Some low security security projects would typically use a stock hologram. As security needs increase, additional customizations would include serial numbers, custom imprints, custom hologram images and hidden security features.

With the continued rise in counterfeit branded products, more corporations are using custom holograms to protect their brand and corporate image.

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