Anand energy leading the solar sector for renewable energy resources.

We all have been pretty much aware about the need of solar resources for energy consumption especially in electricity generation.Traditional electricity is produced via the rotation of a generator within a power plant. The generator is built with an electromagnetic (a magnet produced by electricity) shaft that has insulated wires cylindrically coiled around the inside of it. When the electromagnetic shaft rotates, small electric currents are formed in each wire that, in turn, form a large current within the generator.

That all seems pretty harmless and, truth be told, it is. So then why is there a huge push to use cleaner electricity?

In order to get the generator to spin, you have to use a turbine, and in order to power the turbine, you need to create sufficient heat for steam. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), 70% of electricity produced in the US is powered by steam turbines – most of which rely on coal and natural gas. When these fossil fuels are burned, they create the heat necessary for the steam turbines to help generate electricity. However, there is a price to pay that doesn’t show up on people’s bills.

Solar electricity is produced when particles of sunlight, called photons, are converted into electrons of direct current (DC) electricity. Solar panels consist of many small, square-shaped panels of semiconductors—normally made from silicon—called solar cells. These solar cells are what take the sunlight and, through a number of chemical reactions, convert it to DC electricity. This current then flows into an inverter, which converts the DC into alternating current (AC) electricity and powers your home. As you can see, solar energy is very straight forward and the entire process can be done from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, unlike the generation of traditional electricity, solar electricity generation produces zero air and water pollution and zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Anand Energy has been totally dedicated to provide the world cleanest possible electricity. Removing the mark of old traditional way will be the biggest step and Mr. Krishn Anand, a philanthropist on a mission to make the world a better place have been engaged in such kind of ventures for a long time. Hopefully, by the end of the decade world will be much more depended ton  renewable resource than fossils for providing services for daily usage. 

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