Made in India new generation holographic Aim Sights

Aim sights have been a major part of sharp shooting in army and other multiple conventional systems where finding the right point to hit at target is used. In order to make sure that target is hit at the right spot, a red dot appears.This red dot is responsible mainly for the target purpose. Generally it is created by laser beam which hits directly at the target and eventually bounces back at the aim point and shows the point of collision.

Although this has been a traditional technology for target collision achievement. In this modern era , holographic aim sight has been the latest clutch technology used for aim sights . The holographic sight is an aiming device where a projected holographic reticle is used for fast and accurate aiming. It is a unit magnification sight with large (practically unlimited) field of view, because of shooting with both eyes open. When a holographic sight is mounted on a weapon (a rifle or carbine), it offers an advantage of quick engagement with the weapon. The viewing window of this sight is a combiner for see-through target image and a projected reticle recorded. IRDE has designed and developed holographic sight for INSAS rifle based on the army requirement.

Mr Krishna Anand has been focussing on this technology for more than a decade as of now. Being a philanthropist, Mr. Krishna Anand has observed that US Army has been using these technology very fluently and getting great results as well. Henceforth , with the help of professional team at Light logics managed by Anand Capital, he has been able to deliver this technology in India as well. As the future process is in talks with the government, we hope this technology will be provided to Indian army as well. 

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